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2014 Meeting Schedule

December 17th, 2013


2014 Meeting Schedule




Tilden Township Pension Disclosure Information for 2013

November 25th, 2013

Act 44 2013 – PFG

Tilden Act 44 Disclosure – 2013

FYI – Flexible hose for natural gas and propane alert

August 8th, 2013

FYI – Flexible hose for natural gas and propane alert


Lt. Governor Jim Cawley and State Fire Commissioner Ed Mann recently  announced an effort to raise awareness regarding a safety upgrade for  grounding existing (and new) yellow corrugated stainless steel tubing used  to supply natural gas or propane to appliances in homes and offices. There  has been an upgrade to the grounding installation requirements due to the  risk of fires resulting from pinhole leaks in the tubing that can occur as a  result of a lightning strike.


As a state prone to lightning strikes, TEMA and PSATS encourages its member  townships to share this information with their residents as a means to  further provide for the protection of the health, welfare, and safety of  your residents.


Property owners who have yellow CSST installed in their homes after 1989  should contact a licensed electrical contractor to determine proper bonding  of the system. As always, consumers should consider qualifications of the  contractor before selecting them to perform a safety check.


Here is a link to a video describing the proper bonding and grounding  requirements:  Here is a link to the technical bulletin outlining the new grounding  requirements:


Although yellow CSST installations may have met code requirements at the  time of installation, safety building codes have changed and it is now  recommended that these systems be promptly checked and updated to the new  installation standards.


For additional information on this important matter, visit

Earth Day 2013

April 22nd, 2013

To all of the 49 volunteers that helped to clean up Tilden Township

We Thank You!!!

Our clean-up crews collected 119 bags of trash and enough debris to fill a 10 yard roll-off trash container!!!  A number of tires were also collected from along the roadways.  The volunteers were able to cover the Kernsville Dam Area, parts of Hex Highway and Mountain Road.  Clean up was completed on the following roads:  Academy, Fisher Dam, Holly, Industrial, Laurel, Lowland (West of Rt. 61), Mountain View, Pine, Stone and Windy.  Well done everyone!

We’d like to extend a special Thank You to the Blue Mountatin Wildlife organization for their involvement and also the Tilden Township Police Department for their assistance with traffic and safety!!

April 20, 2013

The clean-up in progress…

100_2352 100_2353 photo 2 100_2355 100_2356 photo 1

 The end result!



BOS Minutes – 2013

April 18th, 2013


BOS Minutes 1-4-2013 – Workshop

BOS Minutes 1-7-13 – Re-organization Meeting

BOS Minutes 1-7-13 – Regular Meeting

BOS Minutes 2-8-2013 – Workshop

BOS Minutes 2-14-13 – Regular Meeting

BOS Minutes 3-8-2013 – Workshop

BOS Minutes 3-14-13 – Regular Meeting

BOS Minutes 4-5-2013 – Workshop

BOS Minutes 4-11-13 – Regular Meeting

BOS Minutes 5-3-2013 – Workshop

BOS Minutes 5-9-13 – Regular Meeting

BOS Minutes 6-7-2013 – Workshop

BOS Minutes 6-13-13 – Regular Meeting

BOS Minutes 7-11-13 – Regular Meeting

BOS Minutes 8-2-2013 – Workshop

BOS Minutes 8-8-13 – Regular Meeting

BOS Minutes 9-6-2013 – Workshop

BOS Minutes 9-12-13 – Regular Meeting

BOS Minutes 10-4-2013 – Workshop

BOS Minutes 10-10-13 – Regular Meeting

BOS Minutes 10-10-13 – Budget Meeting

BOS Minutes 11-8-2013 – Workshop

BOS Minutes 11-14-13 – Regular Meeting

BOS Minutes 12-12-13 – Regular Meeting