Adult male arrested for Stalking/Harassment

August 3rd, 2011

Adult male arrested for Stalking/Harassment

“Brick A SHAKESPEARE was arrested by Tilden Township Police and Hamburg Borough Police in the 500 Block of N 5th Street, Hamburg Borough, on 08/03/2011 on a warrant for misdemeanor Stalking and misdemeanor Harassment by Communication stemming from charges filed by Tilden Township Police on 08/03/2011 with MDJ Bagenstose, Hamburg.

The complaint alleges that during July and August 2011, SHAKESPEARE repeatedly contacted the above victim via multiple cellular text messages and Facebook text messages which placed the victim in reasonable fear of bodily injury and caused substantial emotional distress to the victim.

MDJ Kim L. Bagenstose arraigned SHAKESPEARE and released him on $7500 unsecured bail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for 08/08/2011.”

Attached Information Release

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