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Tilden Police receive LoJack PTCs

January 30th, 2012

On January 23, 2012, the Tilden Township Police Department received two new LoJack Police Tracking Computers.  The equipment, installation and onsite training were provided at no cost to the department by the LoJack Corporation.  The LoJack Police Tracking Computers will enhance the Tilden Township Police Department’s stolen vehicle recovery capabilities.


The Police Tracking Computers installed in law enforcement vehicles are designed to receive silent signals emitted from a small radio transceiver hidden in a LoJack-equipped vehicle.  Law enforcement vehicles with PTCs follow these signals, which lead officers to the stolen vehicle.


With a 90 percent success rate in recovering stolen cars and trucks, the LoJack System is a time-tested Radio Frequency-based theft protection solution.  It enables area law enforcement agencies that use PTCs to track down and recover not only LoJack-equipped cars, but trucks, SUVs, motorcycles and construction equipment as well.


If you would be interested in participating in a LoJack tracking demonstration with an officer, please contact Chief William McEllroy at 610-562-9001.


For further information about the LoJack Recovery Network, you may contact Jeremy Warnick, LoJack Corporate Communications Manager at 781-302-4251.




DUI Crash 01/20/2012

January 20th, 2012

DUI Crash

01/20/2012 2049 hours

29 Fox Road


Personals Involved:

Operator: Matthew J Graham, male, age 30, Hamburg, PA

Unit 1: 2005 Subaru sedan owned by the Operator.


Incident Details:

Tilden Township Police were dispatched to the driveway of 29 Fox Road for a vehicle that was on its roof and on fire. Before police had arrived, an off duty Shoemakersville Fireman, Dustin Wagner,  who lived nearby, stopped and put out the fire with his fire extinguisher. There was no one found inside the vehicle. The Operator eventually walked back to the scene and was subsequently arrested on suspicion of DUI. He was not injured and refused medical treatment.


Assisting at the scene were members from the Shartlesville Fire Company and Hamburg EMS.


An investigation is continuing.