Citation filed against restaurant owner for refusing entry to male with service dog

July 23rd, 2012

Citation filed against restaurant owner for refusing entry to male with service dog


On 07/10/2012 at about 1500 hours, Eric J. SLOAN entered the J.A. Shao Buffet, 1752 Tilden Ridge Drive, Hamburg, PA for the purposes of eating a meal. The victim entered the establishment with his three year old service dog, “Rocky”. Although not required by law, Rocky was wearing identification that stated he was a “service dog”. SLOAN was waiting in the vestibule area to be seated when he was approached by Qui F. WANG, the establishment’s owner. WANG advised SLOAN that he was not allowed to have a dog inside the business. She advised SLOAN to leave with the dog. SLOAN attempted to explain to WANG that the dog was a service dog. WANG advised him to leave multiple times or she would call the police.


SLOAN left the establishment and called police once outside. Tilden Township Police responded to the scene and spoke with both parties involved. An officer attempted to mediate the situation. WANG advised a Tilden Township Police Officer that the dog would not be allowed inside even after the officer advised her it was against the law.


SLOAN is a disabled veteran, having served in Iraq with the United States Marine Corps. SLOAN has provided documentation to the Tilden Township Police Department concerning Rocky’s certification and training.


On 07/23/2012, Tilden Township Police filed a summary non-traffic citation against WANG with MDJ Kim. L. Bagenstose, Hamburg, PA for one count of “Discrimination on account of guide, signal or service dog or other aid animal”, PA Title 18 §7325.


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