Phone Scam Alert

January 23rd, 2013


Phone Scam Alert:  A restaurant in Tilden Township received a phone call on 01/23/2013  around 1545 hours from a male with a foreign accent, possibly Indian. The male claimed to be from the “State Health Department” and advised the restaurant manager that an inspection was being done the next day. However, before the inspection could proceed, the manager was requested to give her personal cell phone number so that the State Health Department could call her back with an “Inspection ID Number.”


When the manager refused, she was told that she could be fined $500 for the refusal to cooperate.  She insisted on getting the caller’s name so that she could call the PA Department of Health herself and verify if the call was legitimate.  The male refused and stated that he was going to put his supervisor on the line.  Another male with an Indian accent came on the line and began swearing at the manager. He then asked her if she was married or single.  The call was disconnected.


The phone number that showed up on the caller ID was (760) 705-8888 which is a California area code and prefix.


Residents and business employees are encouraged to verify all information they are told over the phone by any agency. When in doubt, call the agency yourself to verify information.


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