Phone Scam Alert

February 5th, 2013


Phone Scam Alert: A business in Tilden Township received multiple calls on 02/05/2013 and 01/07/2013 from a male with a foreign accent, possibly Indian. The male kept asking for a particular employee who no longer worked at the business.  If the business hung up on the male, he would keep calling back.


A phone call was placed to this male by police. The male advised that the employee at the business had a lawsuit and had failed to pay fees to “the company.”  However, he never identified the company name.


The phone number that showed up on the caller ID was (616) 884-9415, which is Michigan area code and prefix.


An internet search of that phone number produces similar stories on various scam related websites.


Residents and business employees are encouraged to verify all information they are told by phone from any person, agency or business. When in doubt, call the agency or business yourself to attempt to verify the information.



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