Phone Scam Alert 2-12-2013

February 12th, 2013



A Tilden Township resident reported to township police that the resident had been contacted by a person identifying himself as Attorney David Smith. The male had an Indian accent. The male advised the resident that she was going to be arrested the next day at her work. The male then told the resident that they know where she works. They stated her place of employment and stated her social security number. He then disconnected the call.


This is similar to other scams where they advise a potential victim that there is some sort of legal trouble and that they can pay a fee to resolve it.


While the resident was making the report, her cellular phone rang and it showed the number “911”.  The cellular phone was put on speaker phone. A female with an Indian accent identified herself with an office and gave a badge number. She was looking for the resident.  When Township Police advised the caller that they knew this was a scam, the caller hung up.


Police called the number provided by the Attorney David Smith, 818-408-8912.  A female in an Indian accent answered “Department of Legal Services. Investigative Division” The Police were told they were being transferred to Attorney Alex Watson, who would explain everything. The call was disconnected before any transfer was made.


An internet search for that phone number, 818-408-8912, reveals multiple scam alerts and mentions the name Alex Watson.


Scam artists can use readily available computer services and/or phone cards to fake their caller identification. This is known as Caller ID Spoofing.


Residents are encouraged to verify all information they are told by phone from any person, agency or business. When in doubt, call the agency or business yourself to attempt to verify the information.



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