False Reports concerning robbery

May 31st, 2013

False Reports concerning robbery.



On 04/24/2013 & 04/25/2013, NESTER originally reported to police that she had been robbed in the Walmart parking lot in Tilden Township on 04/23/2013 at about 2230 hours. She had reported that a male and a female had approached her parked vehicle and demanded her money. She had reported that the male threatened her with harm if she did not comply and that he had something shaped like a gun under his shirt. She reported that she gave her purse to the male. She also advised that her small child had been in the back seat of the vehicle at the time of the robbery.


NESTER provided a lengthy written statement detailing the robbery.


A copy of the CCTV surveillance video was obtained from Walmart for the night of the alleged robbery. Although NESTER and her vehicle appeared on the video, there was no video evidence indicating that a robbery had occurred nor anyone approaching NESTER. The video showed her leaving the parking lot safely in her vehicle.


NESTER initially cooperated in the investigation until she was shown the video. She then refused to cooperate any further or offer any explanation.


On 05/31/2013, Tilden Township Police filed misdemeanor charges against NESTER for False Reports to Law Enforcement Authorities and Unsworn Falsification to Authorities.


Boys ages 6 & 7 left at restaurant

May 18th, 2013

Boys ages 6 & 7 left at restaurant


05/18/2013 113 hours



Cracker Barrel, 21 Industrial Drive, Tilden Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania



Names withheld

Father, age 28, Nazareth, PA

Mother, age 23, Nazareth, PA

Children: male age 6, male age 7, and newborn child three weeks old.



On 05/18/2013, Tilden Township Police were dispatched to the Cracker Barrel, 21 Industrial Drive, for a report of children left at the restaurant after their parents had left. Cracker Barrel managers took care of the children while an investigation was conducted.


Upon investigation, it was determined that the mother had left in one vehicle with the newborn child thinking that the father had the two boys. The father left in another vehicle thinking the mother had the two boys. Both parents traveled home in separate vehicles to Nazareth, PA and realized that the two boys were still at Cracker Barrel.


The mother called Cracker Barrel to advise that she was en route to pick up her children. The mother did arrive and she was reunited with her children.


There was no evidence to support criminal charges in this case.




April 25th, 2013



Date/Time of Incident: 04/23/2013 2230 hours


Persons Involved:


Victim: <name withheld>, female, age 21


Actor1: white male, non-hispanic, approx. 6′ tall, high & tight military haircut, brown hair with moustache, approx. age 21-25, wearing an orange t-shirt w/ a black spider on the front right peck, blue jeans.


Actor2: white female, non-hispanic, natural red hair, parted down the middle, shoulder length, approx. 5’3, multiple freckles on face, multiple scabs on face, green eyes, wearing a large amount of finger rings, black v-neck t-shirt, blue jeans and flip flop foot wear.




The above victim reported to police that on Tuesday, 04/23/2013 hours, at about 2230 hours, she had occasion to be inside her vehicle with her small child in the south east parking lot of the Tilden Township Walmart. At that time, both above actors approached the victim’s vehicle on the driver’s side. They demanded money from the victim and threatened to use force if the victim did not comply. The victim handed over her purse with an undisclosed amount of cash inside. Both actors fled on foot towards Lowland Road.


Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Tilden Township Police Department at 610-562-9001.


Indirect Criminal Contempt 2-19-2013

February 20th, 2013


02/19/2013 – At about 2045 hours, Christopher M. SMITH, male, age 38, was arrested with minor incident by the Tilden Township Police Department at a friend’s residence in the 1500 Block of Hex Highway after he allegedly violated the terms of a Berks County Protection from Abuse order in the unit block of Willow Road around 1910 hours at the residence of the female victim (name withheld), age 30.


He was taken to the Berks County Central Processing Center where he was turned over to deputies.


Phone Scam Alert 2-12-2013

February 12th, 2013



A Tilden Township resident reported to township police that the resident had been contacted by a person identifying himself as Attorney David Smith. The male had an Indian accent. The male advised the resident that she was going to be arrested the next day at her work. The male then told the resident that they know where she works. They stated her place of employment and stated her social security number. He then disconnected the call.


This is similar to other scams where they advise a potential victim that there is some sort of legal trouble and that they can pay a fee to resolve it.


While the resident was making the report, her cellular phone rang and it showed the number “911”.  The cellular phone was put on speaker phone. A female with an Indian accent identified herself with an office and gave a badge number. She was looking for the resident.  When Township Police advised the caller that they knew this was a scam, the caller hung up.


Police called the number provided by the Attorney David Smith, 818-408-8912.  A female in an Indian accent answered “Department of Legal Services. Investigative Division” The Police were told they were being transferred to Attorney Alex Watson, who would explain everything. The call was disconnected before any transfer was made.


An internet search for that phone number, 818-408-8912, reveals multiple scam alerts and mentions the name Alex Watson.


Scam artists can use readily available computer services and/or phone cards to fake their caller identification. This is known as Caller ID Spoofing.


Residents are encouraged to verify all information they are told by phone from any person, agency or business. When in doubt, call the agency or business yourself to attempt to verify the information.



Phone Scam Alert

February 5th, 2013


Phone Scam Alert: A business in Tilden Township received multiple calls on 02/05/2013 and 01/07/2013 from a male with a foreign accent, possibly Indian. The male kept asking for a particular employee who no longer worked at the business.  If the business hung up on the male, he would keep calling back.


A phone call was placed to this male by police. The male advised that the employee at the business had a lawsuit and had failed to pay fees to “the company.”  However, he never identified the company name.


The phone number that showed up on the caller ID was (616) 884-9415, which is Michigan area code and prefix.


An internet search of that phone number produces similar stories on various scam related websites.


Residents and business employees are encouraged to verify all information they are told by phone from any person, agency or business. When in doubt, call the agency or business yourself to attempt to verify the information.



Phone Scam Alert

January 23rd, 2013


Phone Scam Alert:  A restaurant in Tilden Township received a phone call on 01/23/2013  around 1545 hours from a male with a foreign accent, possibly Indian. The male claimed to be from the “State Health Department” and advised the restaurant manager that an inspection was being done the next day. However, before the inspection could proceed, the manager was requested to give her personal cell phone number so that the State Health Department could call her back with an “Inspection ID Number.”


When the manager refused, she was told that she could be fined $500 for the refusal to cooperate.  She insisted on getting the caller’s name so that she could call the PA Department of Health herself and verify if the call was legitimate.  The male refused and stated that he was going to put his supervisor on the line.  Another male with an Indian accent came on the line and began swearing at the manager. He then asked her if she was married or single.  The call was disconnected.


The phone number that showed up on the caller ID was (760) 705-8888 which is a California area code and prefix.


Residents and business employees are encouraged to verify all information they are told over the phone by any agency. When in doubt, call the agency yourself to verify information.


Hill Drive road closure.

January 4th, 2013

Hill Drive is closed between 56 Hill Drive (just north of the Westy) through 144 Hill Drive (just south of the sharp curve). The road is closed for sewer work and is not expected to re-open for two months.


Lowered speed limit due to weather

December 26th, 2012

PennDOT has dropped the speed limit to 45mph on I-78, I-80 and I-81.


Source: Reading Eagle on Facebook

Theft & Recovery of livestock – 12-26-2012

December 26th, 2012


On 12-26-2012 at about 1105 hours, a 17 YOM actor stopped along Pine Road in the unit block. The actor walked onto a farm property and picked up a goat. The actor put the goat in the pickup truck he as operating. The actor then left the area in his truck.


The goat breed is Fainting. The goat has an estimated value of $150.


The victim observed the theft and immediately reported it to police. The victim also suggested to police that the suspect may have been taking it to the Leesport Farmer’s Market to the livestock auction.


Tilden Township Police and the victim traveled separately to the Leesport Farmer’s Market. The victim found his goat along with the suspect.  Tilden Township Police and Northern Berks Regional Police were advised to meet the victim in the area of the livestock auction.


The goat was recovered and returned to the victim. The actor is from Shartlesville, PA.


Theft and related charges will be filed against the juvenile through the Berks County Juvenile Probation Office.